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Budmail 420 and Flash Buds are the two top of the growing list of mail order marijuana services in Canada. Bud by mail websites have always been popular in the country, but with the current state of affairs, the online weed delivery market will soon witness a real boom.
While experienced cannabis users should have no problem telling the difference between superior and inferior weed delivery websites, new users can get confused when choosing their potential vendor.
But the true challenge begins when it comes to picking between two decent services that offer top-notch quality marijuana at affordable prices, with fast delivery time and caring customer service.
Competition is on the rise and new mail order marijuana websites are popping up one after another. Our aim is to compile the creme de la creme of all online cannabis dispensaries in Canada to help both savvy consumers and weed newbies.
In this article, we compare Budmail 420 vs Flash Buds. We shed light on general product selection, availability of marijuana by strain, prices per ounce, and shipping standards.
Off we go, guys!

Budmail 420 vs. Flash Buds: Product Selection

Budmail 420 and Flash Buds focus on selling cannabis flowers and concentrates, and the balance of forces seems even for both services — with Budmail 420 winning in terms of the number of available flowers, whereas Flash Buds outshines their competitor in the number of offered concentrates.
At Budmail 420, you can buy 51 marijuana flowers — sativa, indica, an hybrid — in AAA+ and premium grades. From more classic products like OG Kush to less common genetics such as Alaskan Thunderfuck, the guys at Budmail 420 have got you covered.
On top of that, Budmail 420 sells top-notch quality concentrates, from hash to shatter, and believe us — only a few online dispensaries come close to their level of purity and potency.
Flash Buds will get you slightly fewer flowers (49 different strains so far) but their stock is full of different marijuana concentrates, including hash, shatter, budder, live resin, terpene sauces, sunrocks, and rosin.
If you like to indulge yourself in the abundance of premium-grade flower, we suggest that you try Budmail 420. They have some concentrates, too, so you will still get a chance to try this extra-potent form of marijuana. Or, you might very well order from both websites and compare their products with the first-hand experience.

Budmail 420 vs. Flash Buds: Prices per Ounce

Budmail 420 sells their cannabis buds in quantities of one ounce and up, meaning you can’t buy a gram or 3.5 grams of a given strain there. However, if you look at it from the cost-effectiveness standpoint, buying weed in bulk will always save you more money in the long run, so that’s not a minus for us.
If you want to sample several strains, or you’re new to cannabis and don’t want to pull out the big guns when just getting started, Flash Buds allows you to buy weed in packs of 3.5g to an ounce.
So, let’s see what the prices for an ounce of high-quality weed look like at Budmail 420 vs. Flash Buds.

Average Prices for 1oz of Marijuana Buds:

Budmail 420: $160.00 – $180.00
Flash Buds: $200.00 – $220.00

Average Prices for a ½ oz of Shatter:

Budmail 420: $300.00
Flash Buds: $370

This is where Budmail 420 gets the upper hand over Flash Buds. Both websites offer a similar quality of flowers and extracts, but the prices of weed per ounce (or a ½ oz for concentrates) are hands down in favor of Budmail 420.

Budmail 420 vs. Flash Buds: Shipping & Customer Service

High-quality weed and affordable prices are one thing, but shipping terms and customer service are as important as what your vendor has in stock.
When it comes to shipping costs, Flash Buds has a flat rate of $15 per any delivery under $99. Orders exceeding this amount are shipped for free. Budmail 420 offers free shipping at orders of $99 and up as well. Since they sell marijuana in ounces (and more), you will never be charged with a shipping fee, which is a win-win for us.
As for their customer service, both Budmail 420 and Flash Buds live up to the highest standards, keeping your data secure and ensuring fast delivery between 1-3 business days — right at your doorstep.
The added benefit of Budmail 420 is that they run a blog where you can educate yourself on different aspects of cannabis including its medical benefits, culture, history, current laws on the herb across the world, news, and more. That’s pure gold for those who want to delve in in the world of medical marijuana and need valuable resources to become conscious consumers.
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