Hash Rosin (Rain City Farms)


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Hash Rosin

Live Rosin is a passion of ours, and we truly believe it is one of the cleanest and most enjoyable ways to consume cannabis. The plant is chopped and frozen while still alive, processed through an ice water extraction method. Once the hash is pulled from the bags it is quickly dried and preserved at temperatures low enough that there is no oxidization throughout any point of the process. Once dried the hash is pressed with gentle heat between stainless steel plates to essentially squeeze the oils out of the glandular trichomes to create a product that we’ve come to know and love called live rosin.

At Rain City Farms we are proud of the quality of products that we put out into the market and hope to simply open the minds of the average consumer and curate an eye opening experience into the realm of the connoisseur every time you open a jar.


Rain City Farms

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