Live Rosin (Jungle Ridge)


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Live Rosin

Live Rosin cultivated by Jungle Ridge is a hash oil extract made with no solvents throughout the process, making it much nicer to consume than its solvent-based counterparts. This type of rosin is from full melt bubble hash; itself created from live freshly frozen buds. The unique extraction process allows the lovely terpene flavour profile of its source flower to come through to the rosin, giving it a fantastic flavour.

The resin is also cold cured in its final stage of the extraction process to preserve its terpene flavour and ensure it has the perfect consistency. Full melt rosin is highly sought after, and the fact that this one is freshly frozen makes it even more enticing. This Live Rosin was made using a screen grade of 73-159µ in the extraction process, making it one of the cleanest and smoothest rosins available. If you’re looking for something new to try or for a great hash oil extract, this Live Rosin is for you.

Contains: 1 Gram

*Note: Due to consistency of the concentrate, we cannot guarantee that the product won’t move in the container during transit


Jungle Ridge

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