LSO Blueberry Skittles (Cream of the Crop)


AAA | Sativa Dominant | THC: 19-21% | LSO

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LSO Blueberry Skittles

Blueberry Skittles is a potent sativa that packs a punch, providing a creative cerebral high and physical relaxation without a heavy body sensation. Its colorful buds are a mix of neon greens, deep shades of blues and violets, burnt orange stigmas and a thick layer of glistening trichomes.

Flavours: Berry, Earthy, Pine, Sweet
Effects: Creative, Euphoric, Uplifted, Relaxed
Medical: Chronic Pain, Stress, Fatigue

Hand tended, fine cannabis. A devoted team of cannabis enthusiasts founded Cream of the Crop many years ago with a common goal – grow fine cannabis. Only recently have we decided to come into the light. Our plants are hand tended and they love it. Expect our cultivars to showcase loud terpene profiles and kicking potency.


Cream of the Crop

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