Premium Domestic Crown Royal Hash (Budmail)


Indica | Kootenay

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Premium Domestic Crown Royal Hash

Premium Domestic Crown Royal Hash cultivated by Budmail is an Indica-dominant hybrid, is a cross between Blueberry X Purple Kush, producing dense, dark green buds with ample orange hairs, and often contains splashes of purple or blue. Blessed with impressive genes, Crown Royal’s grandparent strains include landrace varietals from Thailand, Afghanistan and the renowned Hindu Kush.

Smooth aromas of citrus, pine and earthy forest floor greet the nose when this hash is broken up, and flavors of citrus, and dank, spicy floral notes come through when smoked. Crown Royal produces an initial cerebral high that will slowly wash over you, leading to a strong, energizing body buzz. Its effects and properties are well suited for treating chronic and recurring pain such as arthritis or migraine, and for inducing appetite and treating nausea. It’s especially effective at providing relief from depression, stress and PTSD. A safe strain that won’t overwhelm you, Crown Royal can lead to dry-mouth at times.



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