Voltair 510 Vape Battery (Ascera)


White – 1.8v, Green – 2.2v, Blue – 2.6v, Red – 3.0v

2 clicks – Preheat (1.5v, 15 seconds)

3 clicks – Change Voltage

5 clicks – Turn off or On

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Voltair 510 Battery

The ultimate in variable voltage vape kits and hopefully the last battery that you will ever need to buy. With a variable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V this battery provides the ultimate in vape pen adjustability. Get our best selling 510 thread variable voltage battery matched with a USB charger. ( 3.3 Volts to 4.8 Volts – spinner and adjustable temperature anywhere in between)

See more about Ascera here!

Instructions for use:

  • Press 5 times to turn on and off
  • Hold button down while inhaling (when light flashes, release the button)
  • Twist at the bottom to adjust the voltage (temperature at which the device operates at)
  • Charging Instructions:
  • Red light means charging
  • Green light means fully charged Fully charged in 1 hour



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